Final Grad Project at Vancouver Film School ’08

Written by Aaron Chan
Directed by Tracy D. Smith

Synopsis: Teenage years include such joys as bullies, conforming, and raging hormones. For Jeremy, the escape to all this is in his imagination, where he fantasizes conversations with his crush, Sean. But when he loses control of something completely in his mind, he also realizes what he should do.

Writer’s statement:

On the Bus encompasses a few important, universal themes: first of all, is living in a fantasy better than facing reality? Sure, there’s no risk involved, but nothing will ever change as long as Jeremy continues to retreat to his imagination. Second, the entire conversation with Sean happens in Jeremy’s mind; he has power to make things go as well as he wants (as Sean puts it, “You make me say what you want to hear”) but ultimately, the fantasy turns on him. The power of a simple daydream can sometimes be underestimated. And lastly, we build up perceptions of situations and people, expecting the worst. However, they’re usually not as they seem, and it is this fear that keeps us from doing what we want (like talking to the cute, popular boy at school).   But it is all of these things that also make us human, and hopefully people will be able to relate to something in On the Bus one way or another.

Previous screenings: Melbourne Queer Film Festival, Reel Pride: Winnipeg Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, Spokane GLBT Film Festival, Kingston Reelout, Birmingham Shout, Vues D’en Face: Festival International du Film, Washougal International Film Festival, Austin Gay and Lesbian International Film Festival, Vancouver Queer Film Festival, Clip Tampa International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, Reel Affirmations, Reeling Chicago Lesbian and Gay International Film Festival, Outflix Memphis Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, Sacramento International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, Pittsburgh Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, Mezipatra Czech LGBT Film Festival, Rhino in the Room Film Festival, Paris Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, Long Island Gay and Lesbian Film Festival

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