Aaron’s new picture book, THE BROKEN HEART, is out now!

“Young readers may find this a useful introduction to developing healthy ways to cope with the end of a relationship; it might also help them understand what family members are going through. This is a tender and poignant exploration of an experience that almost everyone will encounter at some point in life.” — Kirkus Reviews

A younger sister tries to put her brother’s heart back together after his boyfriend breaks up with him—a touching story of how to support a loved one who’s grieving.

Stephanie loves to fix broken things, but when her older brother Cody walks in and says his heart is broken, she’s not sure how to fix it. All the pieces of his heart are spread out, Cody tells her. So Stephanie sets off to track them down by going to Cody’s high school, the movie theater, the beach—all places that were special to Cody and his ex-boyfriend. Still, even with all the pieces, Stephanie’s not sure she can fix Cody’s broken heart—but maybe she can help him heal.